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As long as war has existed, man has had a fascination with it. From the tactics, the individual acts of bravery, right down to the uniforms, weapons and accoutrements. People have long enjoyed the hobby of militaria collecting. From a young John H. Rosensteel, who picked up the first Gettysburg battlefield relic in the Devils Den on July 5, 1863, to the massive private and museum collections of militaria today, the hobby of collecting the tools and trappings of war has grown into a worldwide network trading items from the Crusades to the Gulf War.

Civil War Forums is a place for collectors of America's Civil War history, as well as World War's One and Two, to come together and discuss the relics and the history behind them in an atmosphere of mutual respect and a desire to learn.

There are experts and amateurs alike here, artifact diggers and authors, all joining to share their knowledge to the benefit of all who share their passion.

If you still hear the guns, the yells of the soldiers as they charge the copse of trees to storming the Normandy beachhead...you have come to the right place. Join up and begin to enjoy the shared knowledge of the militaria collecting community.

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